dinsdag 21 april 2009

A few days off

Today I had an interview with Talal Shukr, an old labour activist and a member of the syndical wing of Tagammu. He had some interesting things to say, and especially his view about the relation between the Muslim Brothers and the workers' movement was intriguing. I hope to find some more sources concerning this issue next month. Ahmed Talal Shukr, his son, invited me to come to a meeting of the Union of Progressive Youth, somewhere in the next weeks, to tell about my experiences with the left opposition in the Flemish socialist party. As I wrote before, some youth in Tagamma are not pleased with the conciliatory line of the current leadership, and they wish to explore ways to challenge the current party regime. I hope that sharing my experiences will allow them to make some steps in the right direction.

Tomorrow Lobke is arriving at the airport, so you won't be seeing any new updates until Tuesday next week!

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