zondag 17 mei 2009

Cat saved!

Yesterday, in the middle of the night I was awakened by the mewing of my flatmate's cat. One quick look through the window told me she was stuck up a tree, with a dozen of other (male) cats at the feet of the tree. Apparently they had hunted her until she was so scared she climbed into the tree, and now she was afraid to come out. Poor creature, we thought, and we fetched a ladder and some guys at the bakery to get her on the ground. No luck. She got even more terrified and went up until she was some 10 metres above ground. No way we could get her down with this ladder, so we wanted to wait until the next morning... eventually she'll climb down, no?


The next morning she was still in the tree, but even higher, some 15 metres high, hunted by another cat which had started climbing the tree. As she was close to the roof, we went up and tried to build a bridge between the roof and the tree with some wood, luring her with some fish & water. The poor creature tried to cross, but the wood was too shaky and she panicked, climbing to the top of the tree, 20 metres above the ground.

Then we called the fire brigade, and after some negotiations they moved out. Once they were on the roof, they took a hooked pole, bending the tree towards the roof. This was a critical moment: the tree was old and chances were big the branch she was holding onto would crack and fallall the way down. Or the pole would lose his grip on the tree, catapulting the cat to the other side.

In the end, it worked out well. The branch *did* break, but it luckily fell on the roof, together with a very traumatised cat, who almost jumped on another tree.

4 opmerkingen:

Michal zei

Hihi, grappig!

Het moet wel een heel bijzondere kat zijn als er zoveel katers achter lopen. Ofwel zijn er in Egypte gewoon te weinig kattevrouwtjes... Nu dat je daar bent, kun je dat meteen ook uitpluizen. :)

Kobe Wuyts zei

Bright Smith, the cat-saving hero of Caïro?

Wim zei

Hmmm, so there is an animal-lover inside...Strange!

Brecht zei

Funny to see that most of my work-related posts are ignored and a stupid one about a cat gains so much attention :D