zondag 3 mei 2009

Moving on

After catching up with some deadlines for articles, I managed to make new appointments for this week. Tomorrow I'll meet Essam Shaban, who's considered an expert in social movements; on Tuesday afternoon I'll meet up with Per Bjorklund, a Swedish  journalist who's specialised in social movements as well, and who did some coverage of the 6th of April in Mahalla last year; in the evening I'll have an informal meeting with Ahmed Talal Shukr; Thursday I have my fifth Arabic class with Elia; and Saturday I'll see Bahu from the Tadamon (solidarity) network.

Next week will be interesting as well; from Thursday the 14th until Sunday the 17th there will be the Cairo Conference, hosted in the Journalists' Syndicate. A lot of "anti-imperialistic" organisations attend the conference, from the Revolutionary Socialists to the Muslim Brothers. I hope to meet and interview a lot of new people there, especially from the RS and the MB.

Although both Jack Shenker and Sarah Carr have poked Hossam el-Hamalawy of the RS into meeting me, I still haven't received any reaction from him, which is a real shame, as he could strongly help me in my research. I'll try to reach him through Jack & Sarah again somewhere this week...

On the leisure front... Yesterday evening I met up with Ahmed Zakariyya for a game of chess. It was very exciting, as I was in a worse position throughout the whole game but in the end still managed to achieve a draw. :)

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